Merritte Mountain is the lifelong dream of the founding partners’ father, who envisioned a business that would operate based of the collective skills and talents of his children.  Merritte Mountain is named for the life and legacy of their grandfather.


Merritte Mountain brings together a love for family and community, and an appreciation for nature, history, and culture. The founding partners of Merritte Mountain bring a distinct and unique voice through their individual professional expertise and artistic talents. They are innovative thinkers and visionaries.


Merritte Mountain specializes in acquiring, managing and selling real estate property and online real estate. Marketing is the secondary focus of the business, and the combination of the two creates an opportune advantage for Merritte Mountain. This two-pronged approach allows the business to serve in many markets and have a wide customer base.


Merritte Mountain set out to establish businesses that are mutually beneficial to all parties involved, and gives back to the communities in which they serve. Partnerships and joint ventures enable Merritte Mountain to ingrain themselves into the fabric of communities, one property and one business at a time.


Merritte Mountain is positioned to operate within the locations of the company’s founding partners; the state of Missouri, Abilene TX, and Plano TX. These local markets have each proven to be profitable areas for investment with the potential for steady growth in investment return, and provides for other entrepreneurship opportunities within these locations.


Merritte Mountain will see the business reaching into new markets and expanding their influence within the communities they serve. Merritte Mountain looks forward to the day when they become the investor in other equitable and profitable ventures.


The founding partners share experience that spans the fields of marketing, advertising, real estate, residential and commercial inspection, design, and remodeling, and investment exploration. Each member brings to the table a passionate entrepreneurial spirit.